How to Perform a Clean Install of PTF PRO

How to Perform a Clean Install of PTF PRO

To perform a clean install of PTF PRO, please follow the below instructions:

  • Go to Add/Remove Programs in Windows 10 and uninstall MS SQL Express Local DB 2012
  • Uninstall PTF PRO v2.0.1 using the same utility

3. Go to Documents/Pairtrade Finder and delete the whole folder.  You will lose your existing database.  If you want to preserve a copy of your existing database before deleting the Documents/PairtradeFinder folder, rename the Database and Databaselog files and copy them to a new directory.

4. Go to Local Disk C:/, go to Users, select the profile that you are using on your PC:

Then go into the AppData folder:

Then Local folder and then delete the folder called Event_Driven_Investor_Res:

If you can’t see that folder then go to View and make sure the "Hidden Items" check box is clicked.

Then go back to and download the correct SQL Database for your system (32 bit or 64 bit), then download PRO v2.

Once that has finished and the program is launched, enter your email address for receiving trading signals when prompted, and go and Autoload the FAST 50 again. 

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