PTF Pro v1.2 - Connecting the Datafeed and Loading the Top 30 US Equities Pairs

PTF Pro v1.2 - Connecting the Datafeed and Loading the Top 30 US Equities Pairs

Before you open PTF PRO v1.2 for the first time (it's ok if you did already, you just need to close it and then follow this procedure), you need to ensure you have a datafeed up and running to feed PRO.  There are two options, Interactive Brokers (default) and IQFeed.

Step 1:

IB TWS Datafeed: Ensure that IB TWS, with real-time data for US equities enabled, is open and running on your desktop.  

IQFeed: Ensure you have downloaded the latest IQ Feed client (here if you need it:  Open your IQFeed, enter your login credentials, and ensure that the feed is up and running.

Step 2:

Ensure you have downloaded first the SQL database (either 32-bit or 64-bit depending on your machine) and then the latest version of PTF PRO v1.2 from the Download page link you received in your License Key email.

Open PairTrade Finder PRO v1.2.

When you first open PTF PRO v1.2 with a clean SQL database on your machine, you will be prompted for your License Key you received by email upon subscription.  Once you have entered your License Key, you will be prompted to select the data feed you will be using with PRO v1.2.  Press OK:

If you are using IQFeed, you will need the IQFeed client open and connected, and then in PTF you will need to go to System Preferences/IQ API Settings, activate IQFeed, then reboot PTF PRO:

A. IB Datafeed: IB is the default, as long as your IB Trader Workstation is open you can connect using the Tutorial #11 here:

You can test the IB Link in System Preferences/IB API Settings here:

If you are not prompted then to load the Top 30, email us back and we will show you another way, provided you are successfully connecting to your data feed.
If you wish to Greybox trade with PTF PRO v1.2 by integrating your orders into TWS, then please check the "Send trade signals as orders to IB/TWS" above.
B. IQFeed: If you are using IQFeed, you will need the IQFeed client open and connected, and then in PTF PRO v1.2 you will need to go to System Preferences/IQ API Settings, activate IQFeed, then reboot PTF PRO.

C. Whichever data feed you choose, after you have fully booted up PTF PRO and the Top 30 Pairs, you will be able to see whether IQFeed or IB is properly connected by looking for the green light being on in the bottom left corner of PRO (see below).  Under the "Last Checked" column on the right in My Watchlist (see below), you should see a date and time stamp for the last data pull for each pair.  If it reads "Pending" it means your data feed is not updating.  It may take some time for all pairs to update.

Step 3: 
After successfully connecting your data feed (and rebooting PTF PRO in the case of IQFeed), you will see a pop-up screen prompting you to load the Top 30 US Equities Pairs like this:

Click OK.  
PTF PRO will now proceed to access the datafeed and begin to build the Top 30 database in PRO's My Watchlist.  This process takes time - approximately 10 minutes (IQ Feed is faster).  While it is occuring you should see small windows showing PTF PRO pulling historic data for each symbol and creating each pair, like the one below:

If you see a "Working (Not Responding)" message in the upper left of the little windows at times, do not be concerned.  PRO is deliberately pulling the data from IB slowly in order to avoid tripping any speed limits of IB, and PRO is also processing.
If you are not prompted at this point to load the Top 30, and you are certain your datafeed is correctly connected, please email us and we will show you another way to trigger the Top 30 autoload prompt.
Step 4:
Once the full Top 30 have been created you will then be prompted to confirm you wish to receive email alerts (see below).  Click Yes to receive these alerts, No if you do not wish to receive email alerts.
If you receive a "missing Symbol" message on one or two pairs when downloading the Top 30, click the OK on the error message and allow the process to finish.  Check My Watchlist upon completion and see if you have 30 pairs.  If not, close and reboot PRO and it should automatically pull in any missing pairs.

Step 5:
If you have said Yes to email alerts, you will be prompted to enter your email address for these alerts.  Input your email address in the "Send to email" box, then click Save:

Step 6:
You should be sent to My Watchlist in PRO, which should look as follows:

You may reorder the columns as you would like to get the order of data visualisation that most suits you.
Happy trading!

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