PTF PRO User Testimonials

PTF PRO User Testimonials

Example of a trader who is using PTF successfully. You can listen to the interview with him here:

Please also see the unsolicited customer feedback we publish on  Examples below:

Just to say how delighted I am with your product. For the first time in 10 years I am consistently profitable. If I can sort out my discipline and stick with the signals the results would be even better. Yours eternally grateful.- L. Koziol

I am very happy with the software and integrated into IB and think you guys have done a great job. I have already entered three trades and exited my first yesterday at a profit!- Greg C.

I have worked in the computer industry for over 30 years and I was a Beta Tester for AIQ software, also a stock trading and system development platform. Your product, PairTrade Finder PRO, has great potential. PRO's ability to crunch all the pairs possibilities is impressive. The ability to then monitor the trades in real time and alert to signals is also impressive. Your potential for success in the USA is great. Thanks!” - William G.

The more time passes since I use PTF, the more I realize that it is the best software available for pair trading, especially after the latest changes that have greatly speeded up its operations...the program has a great capacity to select very profitable forex pairs.” - Giuseppe C.

I have comprehensive results for the past 9 months using PTF that shows it is making a profit.” - Leigh T.

I did my biggest profit this year with these two trades [two pairs from our Top 30 US Equities Pairs] total I'm in plus 4,7k USD this year with your system.  Thanks for your support." - J. Melichercik

I am amazed that more people are not using your software...I have managed to make $8000 in the last 3 weeks. I credit that to you, your staff, the great videos and the excellent software. Let me say that I love your product and I intend on being a lifelong user. I am truly grateful.” - Chris S.

I started pairs trading about 5 years ago and saw good results from it even though I did not understand it as well as I do now.  My issue then was not having the time for all the analysis as my business took up a lot of time. It was very hard to find software to help. 

I now have more time on my hands and have spent a lot of time learning more about pairs trading.  I am far more a chartist by skill with an understanding of financials than a gifted programmer who is a mathematician.  I am far more interested in running a good system that makes money safely and pairs trading ticks that box. I think it is important to understand what you are doing and why it works. Pairs trading is easy to understand. It is a sound concept that is logic.

I love trading, but I want to look after the money I have made. I do not want to stress about the next market crash. Pairs trading gives you peace of mind and opportunity to make money. Do it properly and you will make money. 

PTF PRO makes it easy to find pairs. Easy to analyse and is great with trading signals. Your videos and additional studies makes it easy to understand the graphs. It saves thousands of hours of work. 

I also use pairtradinglab, and other software like sharescope, but it is PTF that is the key to making it all work easily.  I use the other software mainly for verification purposes and also to do research. 

My only fear with PTF is what happens to traders reliant on PTF if it gets withdrawn from the market.  Thank you for creating PTF and sharing wealth with the man in the street!” - Jeremy D.

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